Fox Fence, Inc.’s objective is to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision about your new fence. Our sales team is readily available and will gladly assist you in the decision making process. They can help you to understand the different options that are available. Fox Fence, Inc. will work with you to choose the fence that best meets your needs and is within your budget.

Consumer questions and things to consider when shopping for a quality fence

How long has company been in business?

  • Fox Fence, Inc. has been incorporated since 1976.

Is the contractor a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

  • Fox Fence, Inc. is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau and proudly carries an A+ rating.

Has the company ever operated under a different name, closed up shop and then reopened under a new name due to bankruptcy?

  • Fox Fence, Inc. has never operated under another name and has never claimed bankruptcy.

Are references available and job locations supplied upon request?

  • Fox Fence, Inc. proudly will furnish references and job locations upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will the fence last?

  • The type of fence you have installed will determine how long it will last. Chain link and vinyl fences will last almost a lifetime. Wood generally lasts 12 to 15 years..

What options do we have regarding the height of the fence?

  • Standard fence heights are four, five, or six feet. However, you may choose to have a higher fence if you desire and the City/Town regulations allow.

Which is less expensive: wood, chain link, or vinyl?

Chain link is the least expensive of our product offering. Wood, ornamental, and P.V.C are our most costly products.

Is there an additional charge for clearing the line?

Yes, there will be an additional charge for clearing the fence line.

Will the bottom of the fence stay along the ground?

Yes, the fence can run along the grade of the property. However you may have to compromise the height of the fence or the grade for proper appearance, depending on whether your goal is security or aesthetics.

When can I expect my job to be installed?

Your salesperson should provide you with an estimated start date. Jobs cannot be started until all necessary permits have been obtained and UFPO Dig Safe has been called. Once the permits are obtained and the property is marked, you will be notified of your installation date. Weather can also be a factor in determining the start date of a job. If you are ever uncertain about your installation date, please contact your sales associate for clarification.

How long will it take to complete my job?

Every job is different and many factors can determine its completion date, but once we start your job, we will keep you informed of its progress until its completion.

What is UFPO Dig Safe?

Fox Fence, Inc., is required by law to contact UFPO Dig Safe prior to starting any job that requires digging. Underground utilities need to be marked on the property where the job will be installed in order to prevent damage or injury during installation.  Customer is responsible for locating any private utilities i.e… pool lines/drains, pool/shed/lighting power lines, etc.

What types of services do you provide?

We furnish and install fencing and related perimeter security products such as gates, bollards, guardrails and access control systems. We provide service to residential and commercial clients.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Fox Fence, Inc. accepts cash, checks and credit cards. A deposit is required when your contract is signed and the balance is due upon completion.

Should we speak with our neighbor prior to installing a fence?

We highly recommend it, especially if there was no fence to begin with. A prior conversation will give your neighbors time to remove outdoor furnishings, etc. that might encroach on the property line and decrease the surprise-factor of coming home to a new fence erected along the property line.

How does vinyl (pvc) compare to wood?

Vinyl fencing requires virtually no maintenance at a moderately higher cost than the standard stockade wood fence. However, some styles of wood fence are actually more expensive than the same style in vinyl (i.e. lattice topped privacy fence). Your salesperson will gladly give you all the options and pricing on site, during your free estimate.

What is the typical fence height to keep my dog contained?

Although all of your fence styles are available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ heights, the common dog does not typically jump over a 4’ high fence. However, if you have an aggressive or highly active breed of dog, you may want to consider a five or six foot high fence.

Do I need to be home during my fence installation?

We ask that you are home at the start of the project to review with our fence installer and to provide water, electricity and to arrange for final payment.

Should I stain or treat my wood fence?

Exposure to the elements will cause your fence to gray and eventually rot. By applying a wood preservative or protectorate, you will extend the life of your wood fence.

What questions and concerns should a consumer ask when shopping for a fence?

Contractor or Subcontractor? (You may hire a certain contractor to do a job for you, but for unknown reasons he subcontracts your job out to someone else without your knowledge)

  • Are surveys used when installing? (When this method is used there is certainty as to placement of your fence being on your property and prevents fences having to be relocated, at the homeowners’ expense.)
  • Hole size and depth?
  • Reputable Company?
  • Fully Insured?
  • Dirt cleanup? (Is it an additional hidden cost or included in the price?)
  • Does the Company have its own wood and/or welding shop?
  • Bottom Line Prices….

o   i.e.: Three companies come out to measure your job.  Each company quotes you on the same layout, height and footage, etc.

  • Company #1 quoted a price of $400.00
  • Company #2 quoted a price of $750.00
  • Company #3 quoted a price of $765.00
  • Be a smart consumer and check on the type of materials used, and their installation procedures and methods.  Be cautious of company #1…it sounds and probably is too good to be true “CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!!!!” Both companies #1 & #2 are comparable in price, so if you have a gut feeling after doing your research, remember this…”The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price.”
  • Installation

o   One trip or two?

  • This is very important because the concrete mixture needs to cure properly.If your post are not completely stable, the weight of the back rails and pickets will misalign your fence, causing problems.  Don’t sacrifice quality and settle for a quick installation, be patient. Two trips for installation is the way to go!

o   Post spacing

  • Custom spacing or uneven panel installation?

o   Concrete

  • Wet Mix- A proper consistency of cement is assured every time.
  • Dry Mix – This method relies on ground water, not giving a proper blend and consistency of concrete.
  • Material Comparison

o   Chainlink Fence

  • Compare pipe size (OD) and the wall thickness of the pipe. (The OD of the pipe maybe the same from contractor to contractor but the strength (wall thickness) of the pipe varies considerably from company to company.
  • Gates – Size of pipe used and assembly of (Welded or Gate Corners)
  • Gauge of wire (The lower the number the stronger the wire)
  • Additional Cost

o   Pointing of wood post extra?

o   Dirt Clean up extra?

o   Extra charge for removal and disposal of existing fence to be replaced? (Many times the customer is under the impression that one or all of the above is included in the original quote…but find out later that it’s an extra charge!)

  • Cancellations

o   Cancellations accepted on stock items prior to setting of job, with no charge.

o   Cancellations of special orders have a manufacturer return/restocking fee.